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We at understand the need for protecting our planet, and we try as much as possible to eliminate harsh chemicals from our services. Our teams only use products that are entirely safe for human health, and our Eco-friendly practices will certainly continue into the future. Our clients recognize our efforts, and they support us in our goal to leave a healthy environment to our grandchildren. For instance, our range of products includes items such as spot removers, grease, oil, and pet odor removers, dust mite anti-allergens, various kinds of deodorizers, and so on.



Our range of services is broad and versatile, and here are the most prominent tasks that we commonly perform:


Removing spill and spots: The beauty and visual effects of your furniture can be forever ruined by a stubborn spot that won’t come off. However, professional equipment and cutting-edge products can handle even the most demanding of tasks, and we will clean all spots and spills from your upholstery and furniture.


Extending the life of the furniture: Replacing your old items with a completely new furniture may sound attractive, but this activity is highly expensive, and that is why many homeowners decide to clean and protect their current items. Our treatment can significantly extend the longevity of your household furniture, and this can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Rejuvenating the furniture: Almost all type of fabrics lose their quality over time, and due to constant wear and tear these items can look shabby and deteriorated. Only a qualified team of technicians can restore the beauty of your furniture, and our products can bring back the freshness and original quality of your furniture.



  1. The first step when cleaning upholstery is to perform a detailed and thorough vacuum session, which means that we need to get out as much dirt and residue as we can.
  2. The next step involves putting a detergent or a solution onto the spot itself, and we make sure to test the chemicals on an inconspicuous area first.
  3. We perform an overall cleaning of the entire piece of furniture. Also, out technicians are careful not to use too much water.
  4. The final stage is the drying out your upholstery, and we advise our clients to try and use natural methods of drying, if possible.

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