The Best Ways To Clean Your Upholstery

Living in a clean and fresh environment is something we all want, and most of us are trying as much as we can to clean our homes regularly. Frequent cleaning is necessary due to various reasons, health being one of the most important ones. If our houses are free from allergens and dust mites, dirt and grit, and all sort of other pollutants, we can be sure that we have much less chance of catching some contagious disease or developing a dangerous bacterial infection.

Since our furniture takes a significant portion of space within our houses, it highly important to keep these items as clean as possible. However, upholstered furniture is sometimes challenging and difficult for cleaning, and that is why homeowners do not pay a lot of attention to this task, or they avoid it all together. But, upholstery cleaning is not such a big deal, especially if you decide to incorporate some of the ground rules on how to take care of the upholstered furniture.

Steps For Cleaning The Upholstery

Even though prevention is the best method, we all know that this is practically impossible to achieve in real life. In other words, your glass will spill its contents at one point or another, and the kids will eventually find a way to smudge ketchup or perhaps crayons on your favorite sofa. But, all of these setbacks and accidents do not instantly mean that you should run off to a store and buy a new set of furniture, even if you could afford to change it every once and a while.

The first thing you should do once the “incident” occurs is to take a soft cloth and try to soak up the spill, as much as you can. You should never try to aggressively scrub the area since this can cause the spot to spread and you can permanently damage the delicate fibers that make up the upholstery material. Gentle pressure will be sufficient for the first stage of the cleaning process, and hopefully – you will remove enough of the “pollutant” so that the damage can be repaired in the future.

Other Steps You Need To Take

Cleaning furnitureOther measures that are connected with upholstery cleaning should be performed on a regular basis, and they start off with extensive and detailed vacuuming. Only a thorough vacuuming can successfully remove all residue from the fabrics, such as allergens, dust, dust mites, food, dirt, and so on. Also, pet hair removers can be useful and helpful tools during these activities.

After you finish vacuuming, you should clean the spots with detergent or chemical solution that effectively eliminates contaminants from the fine network of fibers. Most people nowadays try to use Eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals, which are safe to human health and the environment. Once you have cleaned the individual spots, go over the entire upholstery and spray it with a protective layer that will act a shield or a barrier for future “accidents” and situations that could once again ruin the appearances of your furniture.