Tips For Successful Upholstery Cleaning

As we all know, no matter how careful we are – eventually something will create an ugly spot on our favorite piece of furniture. For some of us, the kids will be the culprits, with their crayons and food creating highly creative smudges on the sides of the couch while to others it will be a relative or a loved one who will clumsily spill the wine on the sofa. Either way, your upholstery will suffer a blow, and its aesthetic value will be diminished. Your love for that particular piece may of furniture not fade away instantly, so it will probably be a natural reaction to try and clean the spot as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, upholstery is often challenging and difficult for cleaning. Various types of fabrics are nowadays used for manufacturing the upholstered furniture, and some of those materials are leather, cotton, wool, velvet, or synthetic fabrics. All of them have their unique characteristics and features, and it can be hard to find the appropriate chemicals and detergents to use them on the particular type.

Immediate Cleaning

Immediate CleaningThe importance of urgency when removing the stains is probably familiar to all of us. If we can soak up the wine or some other annoying “pollutant” before it gets “trapped” within the delicate network of fabrics – we will stand a chance of removing the spot completely. That is why it is vital to act promptly as soon as the “incident” occurs, and if we perform our activities in a satisfying manner in those couple of minutes – our sofa will stay in a perfect condition.

The first thing you should do is to take a cloth and perhaps soak it into a soft detergent, or just in some warm water. After that, carefully soak up the spill and try as much as you can only to apply gentle pressure and not to spread the “catastrophe” on the surrounding areas. Also, you should never scrub the spot aggressively since this can cause additional damage to the fabrics and then you will not be able to repair or clean the upholstery anymore.

Regular Cleaning Sessions

Even though quick cleaning is a good solution in times of crisis, there are other ways by which you can improve the longevity and appearances of your upholstery. For instance, the best method by which your sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, or couch will remain beautiful and fresh is – regular cleaning. Vacuuming and spraying the furniture with protective solutions is the best form of prevention against wear and tear that eventually attacks all upholstery.

Regular Cleaning SessionsAlso, professional cleaning companies can be a good solution, simply because these enterprises use sophisticated and highly potent products. They also have state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal, and all of this results in efficient and spotless cleaning. Furthermore, modern upholstery cleaning companies use Eco-friendly chemicals, which are non-toxic and safe for kids and adults. In that way, we are protecting on health on several levels, in addition to the fact that removing allergens and dust from the upholstery will result in much better air quality in our house.